Giornata Mondiale della Terra | Earth day

This #EarthDay, I’m committed to doing our part in the fight against climate change and deforestation. Respect for the conservation of nature and the latest tropical forests, in order to produce furniture with the FSC brand. So customers can discern between “good” or “harmful” wood for nature. The “good” wood has a brand with the design of a small tree and the acronym FCS, the “harmful” wood doesn’t have it.

The acronym FSC refers to the Forest Stewardship Council organization based in Bonn, Germany. This organization has set itself the goal of certification of forests and industrial plantations that for years has been the flagship of German development cooperation. The FSC was created in 1993 with great fanfare in distant Mexico, where it had its headquarters until it was transferred to Germany.

The FSC has dedicated itself to guaranteeing the origin of wood as the result of “responsible and sustainable forest use”. The result of the 17 years of activity of the FSC are: 70 million hectares of forest and 50 million hectares of industrial plantations of trees bearing the mark all over the world, which equates to 3% of the global forest area.