Research, Quality and Innovation

The Peppucci family with the most innovative industrial machines, together with the skilled hands of the craftsmen, create products with the utmost details and with the soul that only man’s ability is able to give.

Numerical control machinery and technological equipment allow to produce technically excellent products, reducing production times, to meet customer-time delivery timely.
All the products are pre-assembled in the company to test and solve the problems that might arise on site.

The customer will be constantly followed by our referent, to clarify doubts and solve problems, up to delivery and assembly of the product.
Our organizational model is based on total quality management (Total Quality Management).

Management provides a comprehensive and consistent approach that involves all business functions in achieving the mission, with the goal of meeting all stakeholders, from customers to suppliers, from staff to management.

Our guiding values ​​are:
• customer orientation,
• a process-focused management system,
• continuous improvement,
• the involvement of staff,
• partnership with suppliers,
• the internal promotion of a quality culture.

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