Garden Design

The desire to preserve the natural beauty of every home is at the center of all the project and work we do. Through a pretty sympathetic landscape and plant-flora patterns of Mediterranean tradition, a farm garden seals a new building in the landscape after years of abandonment.

Old trees are saved, restored olive groves and cypress avenues and domestic pine can be planted for shade between gravel and carriage steps. Lavender beds communicate with herbs and herbs. Formal parrots and immaculate meadows with flowered walnut or shady roses, become lunch covers. Pools are tailor-made with regard to the house and can vary from the minimal to the more natural forms excavated in the stone.

Our technical studio draws the green in unique gestures, carved around the wishes of those who live there. Aesthetic quality and design consistency take shape in natural spaces that can be lived intensively throughout the year. The study combines the most diverse skills – from botany to design, from agronomy to architecture – and moves on strong principles that guarantee the value of its projects and the experimental evolution of its approach in Italy and abroad.

We connect places to people. Draw one on the interior “landscapes” of the others. Our gardens are portrayed, free and inspired, of those who live there, who desire them and begin to imagine them. We listen to and interpret our customers, but let’s not just follow them. We build together with them an original vision and cultivate them.

Each garden is a well-designed quiet place to swim, eat or simply spend time in unspoilt nature during your holidays


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