The strength of the company is surely a highly qualified staff, consisting of Architects, Designers, Engineers, Geometers and Technicians who are joined by craftsmen specializing in craftsmanship and automation of materials such as wood, iron, steel, glass and resins.
From this close collaboration, also with carefully selected external staff, our company is able to offer qualified design services that are essential to obtain a design product with maximum performance in terms of design, functionality, durability and value for money .

We turn to design studios and architects who want to have an interlocutor of experience in the contract world and from already established partnerships with suppliers. Professional Studios IDL offers a range of services including consulting, estimating, executing projects, furnishing, transportation and assembly, ensuring compliance with local delivery times and accurate detail analysis On the furnishings.

The services we are requesting are different and ranging from the design and production of the furniture designed by the studios to the coordination of the works.
We are able to coordinate the construction site and the relationships with the companies supplying hydraulic, thermo-hydraulic, air treatment, electrical systems (lighting, video surveillance, fire-fighting), masonry, painting, flooring and furnishing installations .

To bring the company closer to the ongoing image care demands, we provide a firm of Graphic Design and Web Design within the company that can study the customer’s coordinated image consistent with its business activity and the target of reference.

Our services are specially designed for professional studios to save their precious time in organizing the phase between designing and manufacturing furniture, and coordinating site construction, purchasing and optimum materials research.




Designing custom-made furnishings: jewelers, pharmacies, optics, beauty centers, bars, restaurants, hotels, gastronomy, bakeries, ice-cream shops and much more.
Three-dimensional designs with realistic rendering of the locale.
Production of custom-made furniture for modern precision technologies.
Possibility to handle in full autonomy every working phase that allows to control and manage times and costs.

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