(Italiano) Pantone Greenery | Indoor & Outdoor

Since 2000, Pantone has chose a Color Pantone of the Year to reflect the current cultural mood and the wide influence of this can be seen in all design and worldwide design and fashion elements. Last year’s color was a mixture of “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” – both gentle, composite and chic colors show a harmonious balance between the two that represent awareness and connectivity.

A deep meaning: two colors that in the common imagination symbolize the male and the feminine are united, complete, but not canceled. Two colors that call for gender equality, the “gender equality” as announced by Pantone.

The Pantone company to represent this year’s mood, chose the “Greenery” color, a charge of optimism that can penetrate small things and rejoin the green of nature.

For us, IDL INDUSTRY OF WOOD, Greenery means new beginnings and this color perfectly embraces our mood and our sources of inspiration.

Green, as well as all natural, are our favorite colors that we try to bring in and out of our customers’ homes.